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09 Nov Weird and Wacky Patents #wackywednesdays

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It’s amazing what a smile can do. These days it is too easy to let world events influence your outlook on life. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to remind us of what is really important. The staff at the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm would like our firm’s blog to be a source for our clients’ smiles. Every week, we will post a weird and wacky patent or patent fact on Wednesday.

We hope that you will enjoy our weird and wacky patents and let  our blog bring a smile to your face!

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This week: Patent #560,351 - Device for Producing Dimples

Don’t like your teeth? Straighten them. Have too much hair there? Not enough hair somewhere else? You can fix that too, for a price. Men and women have been changing their appearance for centuries; usually in an attempt to attract the opposite sex. In the latter half of the 19th century, dimples were the rage. Those who didn’t have dimples wanted them. In response to demand a myriad of inventions were invented to allow the un-dimpled to create their own dimples. One such inventor, Mr. Martin Goetze, was issued U.S. patent # 560,351 in 1896 for a “Device for Producing Dimples.” Mr. Goetze’s designed his device for self-use. In theory the operator would rotate the device on the face allowing the skin around the dimple to become more malleable. The inventor claimed that the massaging effect of the device would make the body susceptible to the production of “artistic dimples.”

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