Located in the heart of downtown Ft. Worth, the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm provides quality legal services to clients throughout the state of Texas. We service a diverse client base, including individual inventors, start-up ventures, and domestic businesses by offering guidance and assistance through the complex patent process.  The firm specializes in:

  • Provisional Patents
  • Utility Patents
  • Design Patents
  • International Patents

The Damon R. Hickman Law Firm is a boutique law firm specializing in patent prosecution and patent counseling. We are committed to assisting our clients in the development of an appropriate and cost effective patent portfolio. We work to maximize intellectual property protection for our clients while keeping within a set budget.

Whether reviewing prior art, counseling our clients concerning the strength of their patents, or protecting our clients’ intellectual property, the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm prioritizes collaboration with our clients to ensure their continued success.

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The Damon R. Hickman Law Firm provides quality legal services to Dallas/Fort Worth and Texas-area inventors, start-up ventures, and domestic businesses seeking advice on patent law, patent counseling, intellectual property law, and related services.


Attorney Damon Hickman has significant academic accomplishments and professional experience in science, engineering, and intellectual property matters. Mr. Hickman has a degree in engineering with an electrical emphasis and understands many complex technologies.




Experienced Professional

At the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm, we possess technical expertise in key industries such as aerospace, automation, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Mr. Hickman uses his technical skills and legal knowledge to aggressively protect his clients’ intellectual property.

Quality Legal Services

At the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm, our first priority is providing the highest level of quality legal services to our clients. Through vigorous patent prosecution our firm provides our clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups and domestic firms-those stakeholders in Dallas/Fort Worth and throughout Texas-need affordable legal services. Our firm takes pride in providing affordable rates without comprising quality or service.

Individualized Service

Our firm focuses on you, the client. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients through individualized service from your initial consultation through the prosecution of your patent. You can trust that, if we have decided to work with you, we’re 100 % committed to your success.

One Point of Contact

At the Damon R. Hickman Law Firm, the attorney that you hire will be the attorney that prosecutes your application throughout the patent prosecution process. Unlike other law firms we do not hire less experienced attorneys to assist in our clients’ patent prosecution.

Community Involvement

A long term and ongoing commitment to the Dallas/Fort Worth community is an important element in Damon Hickman’s philosophy. Our firm dedicates volunteer hours, not just to incubators and angel networks, but also to non-profits we feel are vital to the continued health of the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

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